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Unique, tailored services for the special needs of you!

We provide a comprehensive range of cleaning services for healthcare organisations. Every healthcare organisation’s needs are different. So you’ll be pleased to know we offer a complete range of services to match your unique demands, including:

  • Dementia Residential aged-care
  • Nursing home cleaning
  • Childcare centres
  • Other business environments

Efficiency and attention to detail for your cleaning solutions…

From health care centers and hospitals to child care center whatever your business, organisation or sector, we’ll adapt our cleaning services to match your needs. First, we’ll discuss your requirements. Then our team will design and deliver a solution that meets them. Our work doesn’t end there. We always strive for cleaning excellence to enhance your solution and reduce our environmental impact.

Hygiene Practices

In line with Australian standards, we ensure that our cleaning and sanitizing practices prevent harmful exposure by using top rated cleaning equipment and cleansing agents for commercial grade cleaning. Shadan cleaning services provides a range of hygiene solutions for every surface, washroom or workplace requirement. Our latest equipment and technology allow for quality results when cleaning your premise. Our techniques ensure that no leftover cleaning product residual is left on any surface.

Environmentally Friendly Operations

We use pH neutral commercial cleaning products that sanitizes without damaging the surfaces. We avoid bleaches and products containing ammonia whilst cleaning as they discolor over time and can be sensitive to the skin. By maintaining our sanitizing practices with high grade cleaning agents, we are able to provide attention to detail and prevent the degrading and buildup of dust or grime in your workplace. Our cleaning products are GECA certified (Good Environmental Choice Australia), made from renewable plant resources, and readily biodegradable. In minimizing the impact on our environment, we ensure that we make wise choices in using environmentally friendly products and materials to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

Find Out How We Can Help

For professional commercial cleaning services please contact our office via phone or email for an obligation free quote.

You Will Receive Exceptional Service

What’s more, we invest in training, overseeing and motivating our employees. To guarantee exceptional results, every member of our teams receives comprehensive training in new cleaning methods. Additionally, we have developed standard operating procedures for all cleaning areas. This approach means you experience consistency in cleaning standards at your workplace.

Comprehensive and quality cleaning is about much more than polished surfaces and gleaming environments. It’s about delivering cleaning services that promote a healthy and productive environment designed for you and your cared ones. As part of our efforts, we have the most innovative and effective equipment, tools and products ensuring our cleaning services achieve standards second to none.

Our cleaning services make sure every area of your premises is tidy and hygienic, while promoting a positive environment for your business atmosphere. Depending on your requirements, we can provide:

  • Daily office cleaning
  • Dust control
  • Periodic deep cleaning
  • Washroom cleaning services
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