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Shadan Cleaning Services is committed to successfully executing services to the complete satisfaction of our clients, in accordance with established Quality principles. Collectively, we strive to continuously improve our performance and service excellence by actively fostering the principles of:

Personal Responsibility: It is important to us as owner/operators we not only perform our services at a high standard, but also ensure that all our employees demonstrate a positive and dedicated attitude. When choosing our services, you are receiving quality second to none. Our personal commitment is the difference between us and other cleaning services.

Commitment: Client engagements shall comply with all legal requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the Company’s Management System by participating in the client feedback and continual review of our processes. We ensure that the right people are dedicated to fulfilling our client requirements the first time. Our services include trained and competent personnel, quality cleaning products that consider the environment we work in and ensure that our standards are reinforced by regular management inspection throughout all project locations.

Consistent Approach: We apply to all our operations a consistent and reputable service which is aligned with our commitment to quality expectations in a safe and effective manner. Within our Company, we embrace the process of ongoing improvement based on comprehensive training of all staff members and our agility to recognize efficient processes to achieving outstanding results for each and every job we are assigned to. Our core team allows us to provide reliable cleaning services with cleaners you can trust.

Shadan Cleaning Service’s Health, Safety and Environment Policy is a commitment to achieving zero incidents through sustainable operations. As a core value, we accept responsibility for the safety and health of our employees, sub-contractors and the key stakeholders we work with.

Shadan Cleaning Services demonstrates visible leadership and involvement from management which is imperative to our overall objective in preventing harm or injuries. At Shadan Cleaning Services we ensure accountability is maintained within safe and healthy working conditions. Through communication and consultation of the workforce we ensure our quality management encourages best practice and is implemented appropriately.

We will endeavor to work collaboratively with strong customer focus so that our business activities consider all safety and environmental impacts defined by the way we operate.

We aim to achieve this objective by adopting the following;

  • Provide a systematic approach to the management of risk designed to ensure all applicable compliance is achieved.
  • Identify and report all hazards and incidents and act to prevent reoccurrence.
  • Monitor and review business processes and targets to effectively drive continuous improvement.
  • Cultivate and maintain people capability and resources, through competency-based training development.
  • Empower all employees to utilise ‘Stop Work’ intervention if they feel they are working to unsafe conditions.

Health, Safety and Environment is an integral part of our business success and delivering on key objectives will underpin our ability to be recognised for achieving organisational excellence.

This policy will be reviewed annually or as required by Shadan Cleaning Services.

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Management System Responsibilities:

Shadan Cleaning Services has an established management system providing a framework for inspections, audit monitoring, reviewing standards. Our end to end service ensures that at work start up, we are aligned with client agreed expectations and agree to milestones and dates when we will measure our performance.

Our open communication channels ensure that we meet our own performance standards, perform inspections as planned, and establish any improvement actions and follow up. Our quality control system in place ensures that we understand where improvements should be implemented and addressed accordingly.

Customer Satisfaction

Our ability to deliver quality service depends on clear and ongoing communications between our clients.  Our customer satisfaction process is the opportunity to assess our performance on an ongoing basis and make improvements to our service as required.

Resource Management

All staff at Shadan Cleaning Services are trained and competent understanding our business expectations and our roles and responsibilities as a service provider. All employees have a wealth of experience in commercial cleaning and are provided with safe and reliable vetting and training prior to starting up. Our onboarding process includes all background checks and police clearances prior to employment. In addition, each employee will be given a copy of the cleaning specifications for each job performed.

Training & Induction includes:

  • Legislation
  • Hazard identification in the workplace
  • Safety in the workplace
  • Hygiene and infection control
  • Correct use of cleaning chemicals
  • Chemical spill management
  • Waste Management and removal
  • Correct use of all equipment and machinery
  • Dust Control
  • Use of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Hard floor surface care and cleaning
  • Hygiene Washroom Services
  • Toilet/Bathroom cleaning
  • Manual Handling awareness

We provide our employees with regular updates to new cleaning equipment and materials and provide refresher training specific to the workplace.

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